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Mold Removal Inside Walls of New Haven Commercial Buildings

8/27/2023 (Permalink)

mold growing on the walls of a room Getting rid of mold in your commercial location is a tricky task. Contact SERVPRO for certified professionals and equipment to help you.

Commercial Building Mold Removal Under Cabinets in New Haven

Leaks around windows or the roof, air conditioning systems, and plumbing leaks under sinks inside cabinets can lead to mold colonies forming in New Haven Commercial buildings. Employees may notice a strong, musty smell in a specific location of the building, which is often the first indication there may be a mold problem.

SERVPRO® provides mold removal services in New Haven to commercial business owners for all types of buildings. Residential apartment buildings, warehouses, hotels, motels, manufacturing, and retail stores all experience water leaks leading to the formation of mold inside walls and under cabinets.

We can help

  • Identify the location of the mold colony,
  • The source of the leak,
  • Remove the mold and
  • Dry the area
  • identify damage to structure and cabinets requiring repairs

Our construction services, building, and remodeling services professionals can also assist with any repairs to the structure, cabinetry, and flooring materials damaged by the mold infestation. Among the many services we provide, the following are often required to return the damaged area to its original condition after mold damage, “Like it never even happened.” For extensive build backs we can partner with CRS Connecticut Reconstruction Services to expedite the delivery of a functional commercial structure.

  • Floor repairs – tile, hardwood, linoleum, carpet cleaning, and repair
  • Drywall and insulation removal, installation, and repairs, including baseboards and corner round
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Painting of walls and ceilings
  • Cabinet removal, repair, and installation

Our commercial mold remediation team will assess the mold infestation, check for moisture leaks, and prepare recommendations for mold removal and repair to your commercial building. We recommend that owners and property managers act quickly to limit the potential damage caused by ongoing water leaks and mold infestations.

SERVPRO can assist with all your mold removal needs in the commercial business. Call SERVPRO of New Haven for mold removal services. We provide service to New Haven and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (203) 234-1100.

New Haven Commercial Water Damage – What to Expect

1/24/2023 (Permalink)

wood floor with water damage SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians.

Call SERVPRO in New Haven for Fast Water Damage Help

Hiring the right restoration team makes a significant difference when you have water damage at your New Haven commercial property. While there may be several services in the area, you want to know if they can handle large-scale water incidents and adjust accordingly to meet your needs. SERVPRO provides commercial restoration services, including total adaptability, to help you get results and avoid costly secondary damage or the onset of mildew or mold growth. We will always make it “Like it never even happened.”

A New Haven commercial water damage company like SERVPRO has the experience and knowledge to fully mitigate all risks and restore your property to preloss condition. We are happy to give you details on our services and what you can expect when you call us to your business for water removal and drying.

  • Initial Contact – The first step is calling our customer care team, where we will gather information about your commercial water damage and deploy a crew. 
  • Inspection/Assessment – We arrive within hours to begin assessing the source of water damage so we can determine the best fix and the following plan.
  • Water Removal Services – Our team pulls up all standing water with powerful pumps, extractors, and associated tools/attachments.
  • Drying – All affected areas get thoroughly dried using a mixture of industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers/fans.
  • Cleaning/Odor Control – All surfaces, including contents or inventory deemed salvageable, get cleaned. We use odor control methods and products to eliminate any musty odors.
  • Restoration/Reconstruction – Controlled demolition gets used to help remove and replace all unsalvageable materials. Everything gets finished off to return all impacted spaces to pre-water loss condition. - General Contractor License #: 0635648

SERVPRO of New Haven is available to address your commercial water damage needs. Whether you run a production facility, restaurant, healthcare facility, or warehouse, we have the scalability you need to get the job done right the first time. Call us at (203) 234-1100, and we can send a crew out for emergency service.

How Can Moisture Damage Get Identified in New Haven Businesses?

7/27/2022 (Permalink)

Moisture Reader Commercial building water remediation is no easy task. Call SERVPRO with all of their manpower and equipment to handle the job.

We have advanced tools for tracking damp pockets in New Haven structures.

Moisture monitoring can often be one of the most critical services that our SERVPRO water damage remediation team provides. Water restoration is only successful when evaporative drying techniques have addressed the trapped moisture and potential concerns after ceiling leaks or burst pipes.

What Tools and Instruments Track Moisture in New Haven Commercial Properties?

As leading professionals offering water restoration to New Haven businesses, we appreciate how you want to get things back to normal for your staff and customers as soon as possible. Continual monitoring of the drying process can indicate when drying tools must get relocated for more efficiency and identify hidden moisture caches that could become mold threats. Some of the monitoring equipment includes:

  • Moisture meters
  • Thermal imagery
  • Hygrometers

Water restoration requires many steps and stages to complete, and our SERVPRO of New Haven team can help through many of these recovery phases. Give us a call today at (203) 234-1100.

Levels of Cleaning for North Haven Warehouse Fire Restoration

6/27/2022 (Permalink)

Inside of warehouse Fires can occur quickly in commercial facilities, making it vital for our SERVPRO of New Haven team to act fast.

Fire Restoration Differs with Each Emergency

The varying degrees of damage that commercial properties experience after fires does not make the need for professional assistance any less. While varying practices might be needed to resolve specific issues your business could contend with after structure fires, many look to SERVPRO to complete insurance work and get your doors back open quickly. Some services include:

  • Surface Cleaning Solutions
  • Content Management and Inventory
  • Rebuilding the Damaged Areas

Light Damage Recovery

Fire restoration for North Haven production facilities and warehouses must be handled promptly, even if the impact is light. Quickly extinguished fires can still leave residual damage on the equipment, contents, and wall surfaces. We utilize effective surface cleaning solutions with dry chemical sponges, solvents, and detergents to help. This phase also sees equipment and electronics covered to protect against circulating soot. 

Protecting the Contents and Wares 

More significant fire damage can see the contents, fixtures, and wares within the building to suffer losses. Relocation is an important early step to take, but this is not always feasible or taken soon enough to be impactful. We can set up large staging areas near the building for housing contents, evaluate their condition, and perform needed restoration and cleaning. 

Reconstruction and Build-Back Services 

The need for repairs and reconstruction becomes apparent when the structure becomes damaged by spreading fire loss effects. This is the most destructive type of fire damage in commercial facilities and can have your building operating in a limited capacity until restoration and subsequent build-back services are complete. Our contractor license allows us to finish demolition and repairs where necessary, even at the large scale of sprawling commercial properties. 

Fires can occur quickly in production facilities, making it vital for our SERVPRO of New Haven team to act fast. We mitigate loss by protecting equipment and contents with polypropylene sheeting and effective follow-up restoration work. Call us today at (203) 234-1100. 

Should I Let My Housekeeping Staff Handle Water Removal Solo in My New Haven Inn?

4/14/2022 (Permalink)

Leak on Tile Floor Water removal isn’t an easy process and can be done wrong if you don’t know what you're doing. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

Water Removal in Your New Haven Business Should Not Depend on Your Cleaning Crew Developing a Plan on the Fly -- SERVPRO Is Ready 24/7 to Extract Liquids and Dry Moisture Out According to a Best Practices Professional Plan

Once you fully staff your New Haven inn, you feel in control of almost every contingency. Managing the multiple day-to-day activities and tasks needed in the hospitality business without consulting outside contractors is a good feeling but does have its limitations when certain emergencies occur. No matter how much confidence you have in your staff, a substantial water loss can overwhelm you because of the lack of specialized equipment and training.

What Types of Specialized Equipment Are Needed for Commercial Water Removal?

The backstory to your New Haven commercial water removal requirement might relate to a plumbing break, customer negligence (an overfilled tub or spray outside the shower curtain or door), or flooding associated with a typical area spa, hot tub, or pool. In most of these cases, the quantity of water is likely to be significant. The area affected is spacious and perhaps involves several rooms. Buckets and mops will not evacuate the possibly hundreds of gallons of water as quickly as our scalable inventory of:

  • Gas-powered submersible pumps
  • Truck-mounted extractors (capacity 36,000 gallons per unit per day)
  • Multiple portable extractors that function well to remove water in confined recesses
  • Moisture detection and metering tools to locate trapped water and absorbed moisture

How Is Applied Structural Drying Different from Opening Windows and Running Fans?

Once the bulk of the excess water is out of your inn, SERVPRO continues the water removal efforts with structural drying best practices. We use the data collected while searching for migrated water to set drying goals and place high-efficiency drying equipment in scientifically-based configurations to bring moisture levels to be expected in the previously saturated areas. Monitoring throughout the drying process ensures marks are hit and adaptations made.

SERVPRO of New Haven commits to developing a plan for water removal that best suits your commercial building after a water loss. Call on us at (203) 234-1100 to get the project rolling.

Where is Mold Remediation Needed Most in New Haven Offices?

3/12/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO mold techs ready for action for this commercial building Commercial mold remediation services by SERVPRO are top-notch. We will be on-site within 4 hours of the initial call.

Mold can develop in many areas of a structure, so we stay prepared with mold remediation solutions for New Haven office buildings.

Mold is destructive and challenging. When it forms in office buildings, these colonies can spread quickly without prompt action from our team. We can rapidly identify where organisms are and the damage they are causing.

Mold Development in the Bathroom

The need for mold remediation in New Haven office buildings can often occur in spaces like the bathroom. High traffic areas like these see a lot of water usage, spillage, and unreported damage. Persistent moisture concerns can lead to mold development:

  • Around a toilet
  • Under a sink with exposed plumbing
  • On porous flooring around water sources
  • In-ceiling tiles

Drywall Mold Development in Cavities

The drywall covering metal framework in your commercial building is also sensitive to mold development. While metal framing is not suitable for mold colonies, leaks and drips in structural cavities can affect these outer elements like the drywall.

HVAC Unit and Air Ducts

The HVAC system is one of the pathways connecting nearly every space in an office building to a central location. When mold spores spread heavily in one damaged area of the facility, a running HVAC unit can pull these active spores to new places to further extend the damage. Mold can also grow within the ductwork itself, which can be difficult to track without professional inspection measures.

How Can SERVPRO Mold Remediators Help?

We strive to provide the most efficient and direct mold remediation solutions when damage exists. We quickly assess the conditions of the property and the affected materials to learn the primary focus of cleanup. We have several recovery options beginning with surface cleaning strategies and progressing to more abrasive cleaning and remediation techniques like media blasting or sanding.

Understanding how mold is likely to impact your business makes a difference in how the remediation needs change for your property. Our SERVPRO of New Haven has experienced remediation professionals to provide multiple removal solutions to return your office to preloss conditions. Give our team a call today at (203) 234-1100.

Can Water Mitigation Assist New Haven Commercial Carpet?

2/4/2022 (Permalink)

Carpeted Hallway Call SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 for assistance from a professional company.

SERVPRO Technicians Have the Tools and Training to Handle New Haven Water Damage

Water damage to the carpet in a New Haven business does not automatically mean it has to be removed. SERVPRO technicians work hard to dry carpet in place when possible to save property owners the cost of replacement or cause the business to be closed for some time for installation of new floor covering. 

Professional water mitigation in a New Haven business can make the difference between saving commercial carpeting or needing to replace it. SERVPRO technicians look at certain aspects to determine if the carpet is a good fit for in-place dryings, such as:

  • Construction materials in the carpet fibers
  • If the backing is made of jute or other organic materials
  • Evidence of mold growth 

Benefits of In-Place Drying

One of the biggest reasons for in-place carpet drying during a water restoration service is to limit the amount of time needed for the building to close. Unless there are hazardous conditions due to the water damage, SERVPRO technicians can rope off areas that define the worksite that allow the business to remain open for business. Additionally, the amount of damage to the carpet since seams do not need to get cut is lessened. The goal for the techs is always to limit the amount of disruption to the client during the water cleanup.

Instances Where In-Place Drying is Not Appropriate

If the water contains sewage, chemicals, or has degraded over 72 hours, drying in place is usually not an option. In cases where the commercial carpeting has been installed over laminate or tile floors but is in good shape, it may be removed for drying outside the building. 

SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 supports local businesses owners with all types and sizes of commercial water mitigation in New Haven.

As a New Haven Restaurant Owner, What Water Removal Issues Should I Expect?

11/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO teams are ready to assist with water damage situations day or night. Give us a call right away.

Kitchen Water Leaks Are What Most Often Impact New Haven Restaurants.

Kitchens are where the magic happens in New Haven restaurants, but they are also where most of these businesses’ water-related problems originate. Various commercial-grade kitchen appliances like dishwashers and water heater tanks, as well as large sinks and troublesome drains, are often the source of destructive, operation-interrupting water leaks. 

While performing water removal work for New Haven business owners, SERVPRO experts have routinely dealt with all of the most common causes of commercial water leaks. We have successfully addressed the effects of facility deterioration and repaired malfunctioning appliances. Specifically, our emergency water damage services technicians have:

  • Effectively handled the various issues of large dishwashers like blocked filter systems, cracked or otherwise damaged door-sealing gaskets, drainage hose kinks and damage, and defective pumps or pump seals 
  • Repaired or replaced water heater tanks suffering from severe, age-related rust, leaky drain valves, defective or deteriorated pressure and temperature relief valves, insecure water line connections, cracks caused by the accumulation of sediment, or corroded anode rods
  • Performed repairs on kitchen sinks with faucet or drain leaks, loose water supply connections, corroded valve seats, damaged O-rings, worn out washers, or clogged P-traps 
  • Unclogged/fixed waste-filled or damaged drainage networks that generally prompt the need for substantial water damage remediation services like water clean up efforts and water damage repairs

So, when considering a local water removal service to remediate your water-damaged home, remember your helpful neighbors at SERVPRO of New Haven. Our highly-trained experts are ready to assist you any day of the week, day or night, with all of your water-related issues. Call us anytime at (203) 234-1100 for help.

Is Commercial Water Damage Restoration Necessary for New Haven Businesses?

9/16/2021 (Permalink)

burst pipe We understand the dangers of water damages and the need for rapid response to your business property. We will have you back to business in no time.

SERVPRO Commercial Water Damage Restoration Teams Can Help Get your Business Running Again After Emergency

Businesses can be put out of action by a sudden water leak, pipe burst, or roofing issue. These events can have a real effect on revenues by forcing a closure or limiting the functionality of the business. We understand that these events have a real, monetary impact on owners and should be addressed as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Our technicians are trained and qualified to help provide a speedy solution to any water intrusion issue. Our specialist technicians can set up and operate an efficient drying plan for your business by working with a crew chief. Use SERVPRO for:

  • Drying a premises
  • Cleaning water damage
  • Water mitigation

It is vital to have the requisite resources and equipment to perform commercial water damage restoration for New Haven businesses. Unlike residential properties, a company is generally larger, requiring equipment that can move huge air. Industrial drum fans are capable of carrying over 15,000 cubic feet of air per minute. This equipment is essential for providing consistent airflow over larger warehouse spaces and can help to speed up the drying process. Adapted air-movers can suck air into a ducting tube that helps to remove humid air from the property while maintaining a consistent airflow. 

  • Ventilators suck moist air through ducts which aids the drying process and deposit humid air outside the premises. 
  • Drum fans are designed to provide less pressure than air-movers over a wider space and generally dry surfaces, walls, and contents. 
  • Monitoring and recording the effectiveness of these drying solutions help to ensure we can provide business owners with real-time estimates for drying time. 

Get your business back in order quickly. Contact SERVPRO of New Haven for water damage restoration at (203) 234-1100.

Hamden Business Owners Should Seek Professional Fire Damage Assistance

8/6/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle outside job site. Fire and smoke damage to your business can't be good. SERVPRO has IICRC certified and trained techs for any size fire disaster.

SERVPRO Handles Fire Damage Quickly – Get Your Hamden Business Back on Track Fast!

Once your Hamden business gets hit with fire and smoke damage, you need to have it restored to pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. Because of the repercussions of your regular operations halting, this means contacting skilled technicians to get everything done right the first time. SERVPRO is not only available to address fire-damaged homes, but we are the number one team in the area for commercial applications. No matter the type of industry you are in, we can tailor our fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup to meet your needs. 

When it comes to all levels of commercial fire damage in Hamden, there are several things that you should look for in a company. Some of the essential qualities that the team you hire should possess includes:

  • Fire Damage Restoration Experience – There are all kinds of fire damage, so it is vital to know how to adapt and adjust to each situation. SERVPRO features skilled fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) to handle hazardous conditions, controlled demolition, contents cleaning, and inventory control at your place of business. 
  • Certifications and Industry Expertise – Professionals best handle water & fire restorations. We have IICRC-certified technicians that go through regular training to stay on top of the latest methods and equipment to complete each phase of fire damage cleanup and restoration. 
  • Advanced Technology and Equipment – From thermal fogging equipment to hydroxyl generators and everything in between, SERVPRO’s Green Fleet comes fully stocked with the tools, equipment, and cleaning agents to get the job done. 

Call (203) 234-1100 when you need a team on the scene to help with fire damage at your place of business. SERVPRO of New Haven is available around the clock, and we can have a crew at your door within hours.

Stopping Problems Early During Hamden Office Building Water Mitigation

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Carpet cleaning SERVPRO understands how important it is to get your business back in order after a water incident. Call us today at (203) 234-1100.

Heavy Extraction Pumps are Vital in our Water Mitigation Strategy for Office Buildings in Hamden

An emergency services water damage response may be crucial for keeping costs low with a water mishap. The faster you can place a call for help, the sooner we can finish the damage restorations.

SERVPRO responds quickly to every call about water mitigation in Hamden office buildings. When we arrive soon after an incident, we can often prevent additional costly effects such as mold damage from taking place. Many local offices contain ample amounts of carpeting, which can harbor microbial growth without rapid water extraction. Situations that commonly lead to this in commercial structures include:

  • Leaking Roof from Storms
  • Burst pipes and damaged water fixtures
  • Ceiling sprinkler activation

The key to our ability to stop the spread of damage through carpet is our inventory of portable extractors. SERVPRO technicians use these powerful pumping devices to suction gallons of water at a time out of carpeting and upholstery. To protect sensitive carpeting, we use a variety of suctioning tips and wands during this process. Many technicians also choose to carefully remove the carpet from its padding and treat these materials separately in the interest of speed and preservation of materials. The result of all this care is protection against many of the most destructive types of damage.

SERVPRO of New Haven responds 24/7 to local disasters. Call us at (203) 234-1100.

How can New Haven Businesses Protect Themselves Against Flood Damage?

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work on flooded floor. 24/7 365 SERVPRO is here for you. Flood damage is no easy task. Call the professionals for any size disaster.

A professional water restoration team can help mitigate the loss associated with flood damage in New Haven.

New Haven, the second-largest city in Connecticut, is located on the harbor of the same name and is considered part of the New York metropolitan area. Not surprisingly, it is the first planned city in the United States and started as a four-by-four grid with a central place where downtown New Haven existed. It was founded in 1638 by English Puritans and is recognizable as the home of Yale University. 

From 1701 to 1873, New Haven shared its role as the capital of Connecticut with Hartford. Although the sole governance was eventually entrusted to the latter, the city is still known as the "Cultural Capital" of the state in response to its vibrant artistic community. The Puritans developed New Haven, but they were not the first to inhabit the area. The Quinnipiac fished and farmed the land before the arrival of European settlers. Even though the Dutch visited and established minor trading posts in current-day New Haven, it wasn't until a group of Puritans left the Massachusetts Bay Colony with the desire to settle into a community where religion and government worked closely together. At the time, the Quinnipiac was in conflict with neighboring Pequots, and John Davenport, the group's leader, offered the tribe protection in exchange for permission to purchase their lands. 

The incorporation of New Haven in 1784 coincided with the city's pivotal industrial activity. 

Eli Whitney, a Yale graduate, developed the cotton gin and created a gun manufacturing plant. These two elements set the stage for New Haven to become a manufacturing town, which profoundly benefited the city during the American Civil War. As a result, the population grew, and the economy strengthened. Today, New Haven continues with its purposeful urban planning. Although manufacturing is no longer its most substantial sector, Yale University continues to be at the core of economic activity. Both the University and Yale-New Haven Hospital are large employers, and tech startups continue to flourish.

Visitors may be surprised that New Haven is a delight for the foodies among you. Many internationally acclaimed eateries grace its streets, representing the food and culture of many countries and cultures. Some of the most famous establishments include-

  • Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana- famous for its pizza
  • Louis' Lunch- famous for its fast food since its founding in 1895
  • Miya's- home to the first restaurant in the world to feature sustainable sushi

Protecting your New Haven business

Flood damage can happen throughout New Haven, and acting quickly is your first line of defense when it happens to your business. Whether you own a restaurant, a bookstore, or a beauty salon, your safety is of paramount importance to our team at SERVPRO, and we approach your needs with the greatest professionalism. While avoiding cross-contamination and mitigating your loss, we may see us employ some of the following-

  • Truck-mounted and submersible pumps
  • Anti-microbial solutions
  • Thermal foggers and deodorizers

When you call SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100, you access the area's top water restoration team. Reach us around the clock and let us do our best to leave your place "Like it never even happened."

New Haven Businesses Benefit from Fast-Acting Disaster Cleanup

11/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green van parked at commercial site New Haven Commercial Properties Are Happy to See the SERVPRO Van Mitigating Their Water-Damaged Property

Call SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 for IICRC-Accredited Commercial Mitigation and Restoration Services

New Haven is one of the largest and most historic cities in Connecticut. The Elm City is also the second most populous in the state, with Bridgeport being the largest. While the municipality of New Haven is home to an estimated 130,000 people, there Greater New Haven metropolitan area is home to over 850,000.

New Haven’s history goes back to America’s earliest days. Before European settlers entered the area for fur trading and the eventual establishment of an American colony, the Quinnipiac tribe was long established along Connecticut’s southern coast. Their primary sustenance came from fishing and maize.

English Puritans settled in the area in 1638, two decades after Dutch traders passed through and traded pelts and other goods with the Quinnipiac and is the first planned city in the United States. New Haven shared the honor of being a state capital with Hartford from 1701 to 1873 and was then consolidated in 1895.

Today, New Haven is most well-known as a hub of New England culture and cuisine and housing Yale University. Yale is by far the largest employer in the city and has been a significant contributor to the local economy and job market, especially during its expansion over the past century.

New Haven is also the headquarters of such organizations and businesses as:

  • Catholic fraternal organization The Knights of Columbus
  • Electrical equipment manufacturers Amphenol and Hubbell Incorporated
  • Publicly traded pharmaceutical corporations Achillon Pharmaceuticals (ACHN), Transpro, Inc. (TPR), and Alexion Pharmaceuticals (ALXN)

New Haven History: Yale University, America’s Third Oldest College

Yale was founded on a movement that began shortly after the Puritans settled in New Haven. Connecticut clergymen, led by New Haven co-founder and Oxford University graduate Reverend John Davenport, lobbied to open a college that preserved European liberal education, much like the then-recently established Harvard University. After Davenport’s passing, this effort was spearheaded by Reverend James Pierpont in 1670.

In 1701, the state legislature approved a charter that would create a “Collegiate School,” a venue traditionally reserved for educated young men to go into such fields as politics and clerical study. The Collegiate School would be Yale’s official name until 1718 when it was moved to New Haven and named in honor of Welsh merchant and philanthropist Elihu Yale. Yale funded a significant portion of the construction of the New Haven facility and donated 417 books and a portrait of King George I.

The school expanded considerably during its first century, especially during the American Revolution, when enrollment spiked due to students being ruled exempt from military service. After the war, veterans attended Yale, further increasing the student body to over 200, a record for American universities at the time.

Yale’s proud legacy has produced a bevy of domestic and foreign dignitaries and leaders, including:

  • 500 members of Congress
  • Five Presidents of the United States
  • 45 Presidential Cabinet members
  • 49 Nobel Laureates associated with the University in various capacities

Apizza, a New Haven Invention

Apizza, pronounced “ah-beets”, is a culinary sensation unique to New Haven that is on par with the distinct pizza varieties found in New York and Chicago. The pizza is an offshoot of Neapolitan-style pizza, and even the name hearkens back to the Naples region.

The typical New Haven pizza is made from long-proofed dough that is turned into a coal-fired thin-crust delight traditionally served only with tomato sauce. Unlike most pizzerias across the country, “mootz,” or mozzarella, is considered a separate topping.

Another popular variety of apizza is the white clam pizza, which is served with garlic, cheese, clams, and bacon. The most legendary version of this pizza can be found at the restaurant that pioneered apizza: Pepe’s on Wooster Street.

Pepe’s was founded by Frank Pepe in the 1920s, with competing pizzerias opening not long after. While Pepe’s had humble roots peddling pizza from a pushcart, the facility today uses proprietary ingredients and vintage fixtures such as a well-seasoned oven that has been in the kitchen since 1936.

How Does SERVPRO Remove Water Damage from a Local Pizza Restaurant Kitchen?

SERVPRO technicians provide commercial water restoration for New Haven businesses 24/7, including all weekends and holidays, because disasters do not occur on a 9-to-5 schedule. Commercial properties, especially customer-facing establishments like pizzerias, benefit from SERVPRO’s adherence to local and federal sanitation regulations for eateries and the firm’s use of OSHA-approved biocides.

It is also crucial for technicians to observe a specific process for determining structural and contents drying goals for your facility in a water damage scenario. Depending on the location, factors that can affect drying include:

  • Which materials are affected by moisture? Drywall, metal, floor tiles, carpet, and upholstery all respond differently to moisture exposure. Metals can tarnish within the first 48 hours of exposure, while wood swells, warps, and cracks. Sheetrock can crumble and grow mold from prolonged saturation.

Each material has an innate humidity content. With this in mind, SERVPRO technicians carefully measure both relative and specific humidity with calibrated moisture measurement tools when formulating a drying plan.

  • Are microbes, stains, or odors present? Microbial growth, water damage odors, and stains from furniture finishes can add additional challenges to mitigation and restoration that SERVPRO must consider when sanitizing and extracting moisture. Extraction and sanitation are thorough so that drying and rebuilding services can be performed as efficiently as possible.
  • What is the layout of the affected area? The size and openness of an affected area also impact SERVPRO techs’ approach when drying a structure. Mitigation techs can erect polyethylene drying chambers to accelerate drying in more open areas. More contained spaces may require holes in wall cavities to encourage ventilation.

SERVPRO of New Haven ensures that disaster-affected businesses look “Like it never even happened.” Call (203) 234-1100 for rapid-response commercial cleanup and restoration.

A Donut Shop Caught Fire – What Does SERVPRO Do to Help?

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

Donuts image Our SERVPRO technicians will have you back to business as usual in no time at all. Call us today at (203) 234-1100.

Our Professional Technicians Provide Emergency Mitigation and Help You Re-open Your Business as Soon as Possible.

Everyone loves donuts. Your customers want to drive up, grab their coffee and donuts, and get back on the road. If a fire occurs, it can mean days of downtime and loss of revenue. FEMA states that in 2018 roughly 30.6% of all non-residential fires were cooking fires. Fast fire mitigation is needed in the New Haven donut shop to get the doors open and the donuts frying.

How Does a Fire Restoration Company Help Businesses?

When a fire occurs in a business, a fire damage restoration company in New Haven is encouraged, and may be required by your insurance, to mitigate the damage. Our technicians help you put your business back together. Cleaning, restoration, and repair are all part of the process. The basics of the restoration process include:

  • Scope and assessing the damage
  • Removing debris such as charred remains
  • Soot, residual water, and odor mitigation

Our professional fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) work closely with the owner to decide what mitigation efforts are best for rebuilding his business. Each situation is unique and calls for different approaches to the problem. Our goal is to clean the entire donut shop and leave it, “Like it never even happened.”

Rapid Intervention is the Key

Our fast response minimizes damage and loss in many cases. Dealing with the smell quickly is one of the first things we tackle. The foul odors can permeate walls, fixtures, and furniture. Removal of the debris and soot is needed immediately to aid smell removal. Deodorization is done to a greater level later on. 

It is also critical to remove soot as quickly as possible because it can damage anything it comes in contact with. The faster it's cleaned up, the less replacement instead of restoration there is. Water from firefighters is a potential source for damage and mold. Water extraction and drying help prevent damage to the home and content. Our teams understand the need to work fast but also the need to do the job thoroughly. They provide the right balance for fire damage restoration.

Contact SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 for professional fire damage service. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Fast Will My New Haven Business Be Back to Normal?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property SERVPRO of New Haven is available 24/7 with crews on standby.

SERVPRO Offers Rapid Response Times to Handle the Water Damage That Occurred Within Your New Haven Business

A water incident can strike at your New Haven commercial property without notice at any time. The impact of such water damage can be devastating for any business owner, but our trained technicians at SERVPRO can be there fast to get to work as soon as possible. We handle each step of the water removal process through to drying and then disinfecting all affected areas. With one call, we can be there to start in so that your commercial space is “Like it never even happened.”

What Do I Need to Do?

Once you call us at SERVPRO, we send out a team quickly to begin the assessment. If you or your maintenance team can shut off the area to a burst pipe or put towels or blankets down with a flooding incident to keep water from migrating, do so. You can then contact your insurance agent to inform them of the event. We take care of detailing every step of the project to turn everything in for your insurance claim.

Water damage may occur at your New Haven place of business at any time. Some of the leading causes include:

•    Frozen or broken pipes
•    Storm floods
•    Natural disasters
•    Leaking roofs
•    Sewage backups, and more

Why Do I Need to Worry About Mold Growth?

Whether commercial or residential, you always have to be concerned about mold and mildew growth anywhere within your structure. SERVPRO works to inhibit mold growth using the latest techniques and EPA-registered cleaning agents.

•    Mold may begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours after the initial water loss event.
•    Immediately starting water extraction followed by drying is the best way to fight against the onset of mold.

Do you need help with water damage to your commercial property? SERVPRO of New Haven is available 24/7 with crews on standby. Call (203) 234-1100, and we will send a team out as soon as possible.

Where Can I Find Water Damage Repair Services for My Gym?

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

fitness machines in gym Don't let water damage interfere with your gym. Call SERVPRO!

Contact SERVPRO of New Haven for Professional Water Damage Remediation Services Today! 

Owning a New Haven business that suddenly experiences water damage is nothing anyone wants to go through. Stress can often be overwhelming. However, here at SERVPRO, we aim to alleviate some of that stress from your shoulders.  

Should your New Haven gym suffer water damage, get help as soon as possible. No matter when the emergency occurs, getting quick help can ensure that a broken pipe doesn't become permanent damage. Here at SERVPRO, we base our schedule around yours and try to be available whenever you need us.  

A Pipe Burst in My Gym at One AM, What Should I Do?  

Should a pipe burst, it is essential to remain calm and act quickly. You can start by:  

  • Turning off the water to your building, and preventing water from free-flowing
  • Calling for help as soon as the water has been shut off, or even while doing it
  • Telling the technicians critical information about entrances and exits, so they can get to work fast  

Here at SERVPRO, we always strive to arrive whenever you need us, day or night.  

What Can Your Technicians Do to Remove the Standing Water?  

Our highly trained SERVPRO technicians use advanced technological devices to remove standing water as quickly as possible. We can use tools such as:  

  • Portable submersible pumps
  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • Extractors  

After removing water from your property, we can use infrared cameras to look for any hidden water pockets. Furthermore, we can also set down drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers and flood drying mats, to minimize excess moisture. Here at SERVPRO, we strive to remediate all aspects of water damage, so you can go back to living your life as usual.  

If your business needs water damage restoration services, act now. Call SERVPRO of New Haven by dialing (203) 234-1100. We're always open for you.  

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Mold Removal In New Haven Salon

4/20/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall in salon The discovery of mold in your New Haven salon can be destructive to your business and your reputation simultaneously.

How Do I Remove Mold in My New Haven Salon?

Our SERVPRO remediation technicians can offer fast and effective solutions to protect your New Haven business and get you back open quickly.

The discovery of mold in your New Haven salon can be destructive to your business and your reputation simultaneously. With the potential health effects that come from exposure to active colonization, addressing these microbial threats in your business benefits your staff, your customers, and the structure itself.

Addressing the mold damage in your New Haven salon begins with assessing the scope of the damage and where moisture and dampness exist to facilitate mold growth. Our responding SERVPRO team can identify affected materials and moisture pockets with surface moisture meters.

Remediation often involves surface cleaning with antimicrobial solutions or with harsher sanding or soda blasting techniques. Removing the entire organism from affected materials can reduce the possibility of recurrences while our SERVPRO team works to dry out the salon so that customers can return. In more extreme cases, we might look to our partners with Connecticut Reconstruction Services (CRS) to reinstall deteriorating materials that had to get discarded.

What Should I Look for to Prevent Mold Recurrences?

    •    Check regularly for signs of dampness
    •    Make sure that any spills and leaks get thoroughly dried and repaired
    •    Manage relative humidity in the salon

Have mold in your salon? Give our SERVPRO of New Haven remediators a call today at (203) 234-1100.

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We Get You Back To Business In New Haven After A Flood

2/17/2020 (Permalink)

One of our vans with the sliding door open revealing the water extraction equipment inside Our trucks mounted with water extraction units used for suctioning up water from the damaged areas of the structure after a flood.

Removing Commercial Flood Damage from a New Haven Barbershop

Connecticut business owners may be surprised to find that the average commercial flood insurance claim can be more than $97,000. While that may be pocket change for large businesses, small businesses often have difficulty recovering from these types of disasters due to lost revenue and having to replace inventory and materials. Worse still, without proper mitigation, flooding can leave behind mold and other contaminants that can affect the quality and safety of your business.

If you are a small business owner looking for commercial flood damage mitigation in New Haven, your local SERVPRO has you covered. This IICRC-certified team of technicians is highly experienced in flood damage mitigation and restoration and is always ready to help business owners open their doors once more. SERVPRO employs state-of-the-art technologies such as infrared cameras, submersible pumps, and industrial-grade deodorizers to return your business to a sanitary, preloss condition.

Supplemental Flood Insurance Protection Tips

If your business is in a high-risk flood area along the coast or the Quinnipiac River, you may be familiar with NFIP's flood insurance policies. However, you may need supplemental insurance to cover specific items such as:

  • Business property or equipment used outside of the building, such as septic systems and cisterns.
  • Business vehicles, which are not covered under NFIP commercial flood policies. Your vehicle insurance can cover them as an endorsement.
  • Any damages to your building, inventory, or business property over $500,000. These require excess coverage.

Generally speaking, you absorb the financial damages from shutting down your business after a flood. However, some private flood insurance policies do cover financial damages from shuttering your business.

How SERVPRO Restores Your Business

When flooding occurs, it can be challenging for any business to bounce back, particularly small local establishments like barbershops. However, SERVPRO professionals get straight to work on extracting floodwaters and removing contaminated debris, such as rugs and other porous items, with the full knowledge of both you and your insurance adjuster. 

After removing the bulk of the water with a submersible or truck-mounted pump, restoration techs can use portable extractors to remove water from salvageable furnishings. These extractors feature three separate systems for heating, vacuuming, and pumping that work in tandem to thoroughly remove moisture and prepare your space for disinfection and drying. Drywall that is absorbed moisture can be prepared with weep holes and flood cuts to maximize ventilation in wall cavities and minimize the risk of mold proliferation.

SERVPRO of New Haven can provide you with service that makes your business look, "Like it never even happened." No matter when disaster strikes in your business, you can call (203) 234-1100.

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A Few Commercial Water Damage Mistakes in New Haven That You Should Avoid

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

office bathroom with tile flooring Office bathroom water damage needs to be mitigated right away to prevent facility closure.  Contact our experienced team 24/7 for services.

Commercial Water Damage New Haven – Swelling Subfloor Damages Tile

One of the reasons many owners install ceramic tile in commercial offices is that the tile can withstand lots of foot traffic and lasts much longer than carpeting. Tile also maintains the original finish and can be easily cleaned. Few people realize that tile can be damaged when a water leak floods a tile floor.

SERVPRO has been responding to commercial water damage incidents in the New Haven area for many years. Our team's experience and certifications allow us to provide emergency services to New Haven for water, fire, and storm damage whenever it occurs on a 24/7 basis.

Why Tile Floors May Crack

Whenever a water leak occurs, the water can spread rapidly over a tile floor. With nothing to absorb the water, such as a carpet, water may cover the entire floor in minutes. If the leak is identified quickly and repaired, many customers assume all that is needed is to mop up the surface water, allow it to dry for a few hours, and normal business activities can be resumed.

Tile and the grout are always sealed at installation. However, over time, cracks may appear in the grout, or there may have been areas that remained porous. Water sitting on a tile floor can seep in between the cracks or around edges to the subfloor below. Once the subfloor becomes wet, the wood may swell, placing pressure on the tile, causing further lifting or even cracking of tiles in the area.

SERVPRO can help remove standing water from your commercial building as well as test subfloors to ensure the floor is dry and not cause damage sometime later. If the subfloor can be reached from the floor below, drying from the bottom may be considered. Small holes can be drilled into the grout to assess the moisture levels. We also use non-penetrating meters to assess moisture levels.

Let SERVPRO help to prevent tile breakage or loosening. We can clean up after a water leak and monitor the subfloor to avoid potential future problems.

Call SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Mount Carmel, Spring Glen, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Provides Real-World Solutions to Mold Remediation in Hamden Commercial and Industrial Sites

10/26/2019 (Permalink)

Hairy, mold spores Don't Let Mold Spores Ruin the Indoor Air Quality of Your Hamden Office--Call SERVPRO for Remediation

Restoring Normal Indoor Air Quality after a Case of Commercial Mold in Your Hamden Office

Mold has a musty smell, which can make your Hamden office uncomfortable. Apart from the smell, mold also releases spores and other debris into the air, which can have adverse health effects on the occupants. Even if mold colonies are not in view, such as when they develop in wall cavities or above the ceiling, their effects on the IAQ is the same as when developing in the open.

Restoring indoor air quality after discovering commercial mold in your Hamden office requires an understanding of how the problem develops. When materials in a building are wet or damp over extended periods, bacteria and mold colonize these materials. The growth process releases microscopic airborne particles, while the Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds produced, release the musty odor associated with mold. Mold can also develop in the HVAC system, which further compromises the air quality in your office. Poor air quality is often the root cause of a "sick office."

Removing all mold colonies and debris from the structure is the first step towards improving air quality. Our SERVPRO technicians use different approaches, including:

    HEPA Vacuuming
    Damp Wiping
    Wire brushing or other forms of agitation
    Removal of porous materials

Vacuuming helps remove loose debris and spores from surfaces. The use of HEPA filtered vacuums helps because they capture 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3-micron, ensuring none of the spores and mold debris escapes into the air. Damp wiping helps remove debris adhering to the surfaces in the affected areas. It also helps kill spores and prevents further growth, especially when we use cleaning agents with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. In case of massive growth on porous surfaces, removing the material is necessary because cleaning procedures cannot remove the root hyphae that penetrate below the surface.

 When demolishing affected areas, it is possible to release mold debris, further compromising the indoor air quality in your office. Our SERVPRO technicians take various steps to prevent this, including creating isolation zones and running negative air pressure machines during demolition.

Quality indoor air quality is necessary for comfort and maximum productivity in the office. Call SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 to help. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Steps SERVPRO Takes to Restore Commercial Water Damaged Carpet in New Haven

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

desks and chairs in office workspace When offices experience a water loss event, SERVPRO to the rescue! We can quickly extract the water from your carpet.

Restoration of Wet Carpet from Commercial Water Damage in New Haven

Very little smells worse than wet carpeting from a commercial water damage event. This odor is even more significant when the water sat overnight and discovered the next morning. Because of the way water degrades quickly, fast clean up is vital to stop the investment in the property's carpeting from becoming a water loss casualty.  

Since SERVPRO technicians are available 24-hours daily to cleanup commercial water damage to New Haven properties, the fast action makes the difference between whether it is a clean, gray or black water mitigation for the property. 

Safety First in Water Cleanup Situations

SERVPRO technicians test the water to ensure there are no harmful bacteria or chemicals present and choose the appropriate extraction methods for fast removal of the water. If exposure to water included sewage or sat longer than 48 hours before cleanup, carpet requires removal per biohazard disposal methods. 

Carpet Cleanup Requires Specialized Applications

Due to the porous nature of commercial carpet and padding, a standard wet/dry vacuum cannot do the job sufficiently to avoid odors or the potential for mold growth. SERVPRO has powerful equipment with specific attachments to work on carpet and eliminate most of the water for faster drying.  

Mold is Always a Concern

After water damage, particularly in porous materials such as carpet fibers or behind baseboards, technicians apply proactive efforts to limit the possibility of mold growth. These efforts include thorough drying, antibacterial cleaning solutions, and the use of antimicrobial sealants.  

Deodorizing is Crucial

Water leaves its unique signature scent, and SERVPRO technicians often use a multi-layered approach to treating odor left behind, especially in the carpet fibers. Covering foul odors is not enough, and the technicians deploy equipment designed to neutralize airborne odors at the molecular level.  

Sealing After Cleaning Keeps Carpet Looking Great Longer

Once the carpet in the commercial property has soils and residues removed, the application of a professional-grade fiber sealer assists in keeping high traffic areas looking cleaner for longer and with regular maintenance can work to extend the life of your commercial carpet thereby protecting your investment. 

Call SERVPRO of New Haven at (203) 234-1100 when you need fast action against commercial water damage in your New Haven business property. They arrive fast and work to get your business reopened without a sign of the damage "Like it never even happened."

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Commercial Hospitality Enterprises Benefit from Rapid SERVPRO Water Loss Mitigation

7/20/2019 (Permalink)

Don't Let Water Damage Dampened Your New Haven Hotel Guests Vacation--Call SERVPRO for Restoration

Water Damage in Your New Haven Hotel

Among the biggest threats to your New Haven hotel is the guests that you attract to the premises. Often people do not treat these rented rooms or the utilities piped to each unit with the same respect and regard as they do in their own home, and as such, negligent accidents can happen at any time. Overflows from sinks and tubs are the most common, often attributed to a malfunctioning or poorly installed failsafe drain system intended to prevent water levels from reaching the brim of the bathroom fixture. The result is substantial water loss in the bathroom areas of a guest’s room that can quickly spread into the main area and to adjoining units without the appropriate mitigation and water removal.

Water damage in New Haven hotels threatens more than just any immediate guests inconvenienced or required to locate. Your ability to handle these emergencies in real-time can often become a direct reflection of your reputation in the community, and can even later bolster more business and repeat business. Even with moderate-sized extraction and drying equipment likely purchased for your maintenance and custodial teams, the best solution is to reach out to skilled professionals like our SERVPRO responders.

The longer that emergencies like this wait for complete drying, the more units and guests that become affected. Not only does this displace more of your paying customers, but it also directly impacts your online rating in forums travelers use to determine the quality of your establishment. Our SERVPRO team can implement multiple extraction tools and drying units suited for the specific scope of the damage present. With the right thorough drying approach, materials like tile and even wood vanity fixtures can avoid getting removed and replaced.

The ability to double-check our efforts with infrared imagery and hygrometers can show management and the hotel owner our progress. This non-invasive approach prevented removal and controlled demolition, where it has not become necessary.

Every hour can mean more disaster and damage to your area hotel, so do not waste time in getting this situation resolved as quickly and confidently as possible. Trust our SERVPRO of New Haven specialists to arrive quickly with a deep inventory of tools and products to help. Give us a call anytime at (203) 234-1100.

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Property Manager Partnerships: A Win-Win

1/10/2017 (Permalink)

Property Managers as Partners

The winter months can create significant challenges for property managers. Snow and ice don’t have the predictability of grass and shrubs.   Further, grass and shrubs don’t cause ice damming and pipe freezes.  

How you react to the challenges of winter can set the tone of your relationship with HOAs and association boards come spring and summer. Your clients are likely to forgive you for that which you can’t control so long as they constant progress toward restoration of their lives, starting yesterday.

SERVPRO recognizes the urgency to react and to immediately build a recovery plan when we partner with property managers. Winter months aren’t the time for training in front of upset tenants.  Our crews receive technical and service training to identify a situation and do the right thing and to be sensitive to a situation.

Our office works with our partners to make sure documents flow through the right channels which simplifies settlement whether there is a claim or the job is a direct pay. We also anticipate and recognize coverage issues so that tenants and owners understand how the claim will be settled.

The SERVPRO brand is the most recognized and respected brand in the mitigation industry so your first decision to call on our team should be an easy one. No one gets fired for hiring the industry leader.

Food Disasters... We Aren't Talking Mom's Meatloaf

2/9/2016 (Permalink)

Whether it is a smoke condition caused by a fire in the prepared food section, an oven fire in a manufacturing facility, or fire suppressing chemicals spread over 40 tons of fresh fruit, the disasters that effect food companies present some pretty awesome challenges. 

Wrong decisions early on can open a Pandora's Box of liability issues even before the matter of cash flow and fulfillment come into play.

-- Companies with sophisticated business system back ups can be stymied when they realize two days after a small fire that their regular staff lacks the knowledge to clean soot and deodorize after a small fire.

-- Distribution companies turning 50 tons of fresh fruit every week trip when they fail to secure hauling capacity and a destination for destruction of a warehouse brimming with imported product during high import season.

-- A small chain store manager must decide in hours whether to do a partial open of a store or incur the cost of extended, nighttime cleaning time. nighttime cleaning mitigation.

These are a few of the many real-world challenges we have solved over the past year.  There are many more.

Our approach to commercial losses is to stabilize and then meet with affected parties to understand the goals of all affected constituencies. 

Our team is comprised of business and mitigation professionals that understand the financial, cultural and structural challenges of any disaster.

In a perfect world we meet, discuss and put a communication chain and decision tree in place.   Regardless, when the wheels come off, we've got your back.