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Storms Can Cause Flash Flooding & Damage New Haven Homes

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Flood damage impacts homes. SERVPRO will be on-premise within 4 hours of the initial call.

 New Haven can count on SERVPRO to provide flood damage services to impacted homes. 

New Haven, CT, is an exciting city. It was begun in 1638 and was settled by English Puritans, so its roots go way back into the early days of America. One of the things that makes it interesting is its layout. Most early cities were not planned; they just developed as things went along. However, New Haven was a planned city, one of the first in the country. It was designed using a Nine Square Plan, and the eight streets were laid out in a grid pattern. The New Haven Green is a 16-acre square in the center of the town. The Green is a National Historic Landmark.

Notable People from New Haven

The list of famous people of New Haven is phenomenal. It is too extensive to list here. The town has produced famous people from academia, arts, military, sports, business, and clergy. Some of the most well-known include:

• Edward Bouchet – 1st African-American to earn a Ph.D. – physicist

• James Pierpont – Yale College founder

• Ernest Borgnine – actor

• Al Capp – cartoonist

• Albie Booth – football player

• Harold Devine – boxer

• Justin Duberman – hockey player

• Charles Goodyear – inventor & industrialist

• Eli Whitney – inventor

• Lyman Beecher – abolitionist, clergyman

• Henry Leavenworth – brigadier general

• Karen and Richard Carpenter – singers, musicians

• George W Bush – 43rd president

Notable Events in New Haven

Many cities have a list of famous people, either born or raised, in the city, but not many can boast a list of notable events. It is incredible the number of influential people and events that took place there. It is home to Yale College, which had an impact on some of these happenings. Here some things that happened in New Haven that changed the world:

• 1st American submarine invented by David Bushnell in 1776. Yale student.

• 1st steamboat built by John Fitch in 1787.

• Cotton Gin was invented by Eli Whitney in 1793.

• 1st automatic revolver built by Samuel Colt in 1836.

• 1st telephone exchange, directory, and public phone from the District Telephone Company of New Haven in 1878 – 1880.

• 1st hamburger at Louis’ Lunch in 1900.

• 1st Holocaust Memorial on public land in 1977.

Louis’s Lunch

You can still enjoy a meal at this eatery which began in 1895. Louis Lassen was the founder and got credited with the invention of the steak sandwich and the hamburger. Today, when visitors order either of those or a hotdog, their meat is broiled on the same cast iron stoves they used back in 1898. Today, New Haven residents flock to this restaurant just like they have done over the centuries. 

SERVPRO Provides Flood Restoration When Homes are Flood Damaged

In a town like New Haven, antiques abound. But what happens when floodwaters come storming through your home, impacting your furnishings. Understanding how floodwater affects your antique and other furniture can help you understand the restoration process. Floodwater can move furnishings in several ways:

• Delicate upholstery can become blotchy or bleed

• Wood frames absorb moisture and can swell and crack

• Sofa frames are joined in such a way they are particularly vulnerable

• Mold can grow on seats, inside cushions, and on wood

Our technicians are trained in specialty drying techniques that take into consideration the specific needs of antique furniture. It is not always about drying things fast but drying them correctly. 

For emergency services for water damage, contact SERVPRO of New Haven (203) 234-1100. We deal with basement flooding, leaking roofs from storms, water removal services, and more.

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