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What Can Water Damage Do to My New Haven Home?

4/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used on water damaged floor We have experience in all types and scenarios of water damage and can restore your home.

Water Infiltration in Your New Haven Home Can Lead to Structural Damage or Mold Growth, So Call SERVPRO for Expert Water Cleanup! 

Once water unexpectedly seeps into your New Haven home, safety and prompt action are crucial. All of your interior belongings are important to you, but our team at SERVPRO ensures that your family is safe from structural damage and the potential for mold and mildew growth. Something as slight as a leaky pipe can bring about hidden dangers to your electrical system, so we leave no stone unturned during restoration efforts. 

Why Call for Professional New Haven Water Restoration?

Trained professionals handle many jobs, including water cleanup in New Haven. Even in a clean water situation where a leak or emergency burst came from a faulty pipe, the chances of water migrating to areas not visible are incredibly high. Trained water restoration technicians (WRT) have the right equipment to get everything cleaned up as well as moisture detection tools to locate areas where the water may have traveled. 

How Can I Tell the Extent of the Damage in New Haven? 

Our trained technicians follow detailed guidelines on how to classify water loss situations. The four main classifications we use to categorize jobs include: 

  • Class 1:This is a situation where a small area is impacted and may require little or no water extraction.
  • Class 2:This situation impacts at least an entire room and may have up to 24 inches of water saturation.
  • Class 3:This is a water loss that impacts a much larger area, often reaching more than one floor, which calls for extensive restoration efforts.
  • Class 4:This type of situation generally includes specialized drying techniques that will not usually fall within the other classifications. 

If your water loss falls within Class 1, you need to know that there can still be a significant amount of damage. For example, if you have a broken pipe located on the second floor of your home, and it goes unaddressed, it may lead to Class 3 damage, call for more involved cleaning, and replace walls, ceilings, and floors. 

What if I Have a Slow Leak in New Haven That I Just Noticed? 

Any slow leaking pipe in New Haven can start to cause significant damage after just a short period. Even though the water coming from the supply line is clean, this delay in mitigation creates a moist environment that turns into a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. This bacteria turns the Category 1 water or Class 1 situation into contaminated water, which calls for specialized cleaning and disinfection using EPA-registered cleaning agents. 

How Does Your Team Address Water Cleanup in New Haven? 

Several factors determine how we proceed with the cleanup and drying of your interior when you call us for water restoration services including: 

  • The type of water that has invaded your home
  • The overall size of the area that has been affected
  • The types of building materials involved 

Clean water is always easier to clean up than a black water situation. With a burst pipe, the job could be as simple as pipe repair and drying the impacted area. Prompt action within 24 to 48 hours helps to prevent bacteria and mold from growing. 

We also consider all the materials impacted inside the water loss zone: 

  • If carpeting is the only material impacted, restoration could be completed quickly.
  • If insulation, drywall or framing is water damaged, the restoration efforts may take up to 10 days or longer from start to finish. 

SERVPRO likes to remind all water restoration clients that each situation is different. We take the time to assess each job carefully and formulate a plan for prompt water extraction using tools that our Green Fleet comes equipped with, including: 

  • Truck-mounted water extractors
  • Submersible pumps
  • Wet/dry vacuums, and a variety of other tools 

What Items in My New Haven Home Are Not Salvageable? 

It is our goal to preserve as many of your essential possessions as we can. Not all items can are salvageable after a water loss, including: 

  • Wood that has been fully saturated
  • Food items touched by water
  • Supplements and medications
  • Personal hygiene items touched by water
  • Anything that presents with mold growth 

Once we eliminate standing water within your home's loss zone, our skilled technicians set up industrial fans, air movers, and dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the air. Moisture sensor technology and thermal imaging cameras allow us to locate any areas that need more attention to ensure thorough drying. After everything is deemed dry, we then sanitize and clean anything that has been in contact with the water. 

SERVPRO thoroughly documents everything that goes into the water restoration at your home. Not every water damage incident is equal in the eyes of many insurance companies. If the damage seems to be due to a lack of intervention on your part, you may have issues with insurance not covering all items. Working with insurance is why it is always better to call in the help of IICRC-certified technicians to get the project wrapped quickly and efficiently to ensure all bases are covered. 

SERVPRO of New Haven is here to help with all of your water cleanup needs, 24/7. Give us a phone call at (203) 234-1100, and we make it "Like it never even happened."

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